Sand Sculptures

Jeroen Advocaat is being invited by the organizers of big sand sculpture events Since 2003. Besides building sandsculptures Centipede also creates artistic impressions for sculptures and parks.

  • 2014-bussan-korea-jungle.jpg
  • 2015-oss-netherlands-inca.JPG
  • 2015-weston-england-whale.jpg
  • 2016-bussan-korea-adventure-1.JPG
  • 2016-garderen-netherlands-rien-poortvliet-1.JPG



Artist Impressions

Centipede creates artist impressions for big events and festivals. Such drawings give a clear idea about the scale of an event and makes communication on site easier during the building process. They can also be used as a map for visitors.

Sand Sculptures  2014 / 2018

Sand Sculptures  2003 / 2013