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Jeroen Advocaat

Latest work

Here are the illustrations created in most recent years.

Centipede creates illustrations and sculptures. The work is figurative and has a personal character. Centipede is welcoming assignments from individuals and commercial businesses.

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a Story, process or event can be visualized with a series of illustrations. In this way situations that do not yet exist can be made visible to you and your clients. Centipede likes to help to visualize your story.

This page also contains story's that Centipede has self-published. Among those stories the black and white comic strip JEROENS that has been published in several newspapers.

Cover Illustration

Centipede creates illustrations suitable for magazine and book covers.

Thesis Covers

While writing a thesis one points of attention is creating a suitable cover with an invitation and bookmark. With or without specific directions from the author Centipede creates attractive covers with personality and style. Covers on this page are:

* Production of protein-based polymers in Pichia pastoris, by Marc W.T. Werten
* Modularization and Specification of Service Oriented Systems, by Linda Terlouw.
* Structural studies on Xist RNA in X-inactivation, by Malgorzata Duszczyk.
* Genetics of lung function decline and COPD developments, by Cleo van Diemen

Scientific Illustration

Jeroen Advocaat graduated from the art academy Minerva as a medical illustrator. He is able to visualize complex systems and processes. During his study he  painted still life's and learned to patiently observe and render objects. This specialty reflects in all his illustration work.

CD Illustration

For every CD design Centipede creates a new world inspired by the music. Centipede also places text and logo's to makes templates ready for printing.


Centipede visualizes ideas with illustrations. Making the right illustration starts with a sketch that will be adjusted until the desired end result is clear. Sometimes the sketch alone is enough to visualize the idea, otherwise the image will be finished in detail. Via @-mail you will be kept up to date on the designing process. An illustration can be provided in a template with the desired text and logo's and is ready for printing after delivery. On this website Centipede presents book cover illustrations, CD designs, scientific illustrations, artist impressions (on the sandsculpture page) and cartoons.

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