a Story, process or event can be visualized with a series of illustrations. In this way situations that do not yet exist can be made visible to you and your clients. Centipede likes to help to visualize your story.

This page also contains story's that Centipede has self-published. Among those stories the black and white comic strip JEROENS that has been published in several newspapers.

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Letty Led

Letty Led tells the story about the history of artificial light. On every page she has jumped through time to dwell upon the ways humanity has created artificial light. The story begins with a campfire and via the oil lamp, bulb light and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) we enter the era of the Light emitting diode (LED). The book was established in response to the prohibition of the light bulb in Europe.

Concept Art Racing Game

The above concept drawings visualize a racing track during one level of a concept racing game. The vehicle is small at a low speed and becomes much bigger and higher at a high speed. So the players overview on the level and the way the race track is being experienced change due to the speed. Those special effects can be best be experienced with 3D technology.


Centipede created a story board about a concept vehicle for the company Natwerk. The series of drawings depict an amphibian invasion that results in a beach party.


The comic strip Trip visualizes a dream in 24 pages. The pictures are pained with gouache and no text is used to tell the story. The reader makes a trip from the smallest places in the human body to the biggest and farthest places in the universe towards the afterlife.