Cover Illustration

Centipede creates illustrations suitable for magazine and book covers.

Thesis Covers

While writing a thesis one points of attention is creating a suitable cover with an invitation and bookmark. With or without specific directions from the author Centipede creates attractive covers with personality and style. Covers on this page are:

* Production of protein-based polymers in Pichia pastoris, by Marc W.T. Werten
* Modularization and Specification of Service Oriented Systems, by Linda Terlouw.
* Structural studies on Xist RNA in X-inactivation, by Malgorzata Duszczyk.
* Genetics of lung function decline and COPD developments, by Cleo van Diemen
FaLang translation system by Faboba
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The covers for Asimovs are inspired by short story's. Covers on this page are:

* Edition; August 2011 / Title: Paradise is a walled garden / Written by Lisa Goldstein
* Edition; September 2010 / Title: The sultan of clouds / Written by Geoffrey A. Landis
* Edition; December 2010 / Title: The Jekyll Island Horror / Written by Allen M. Steele
* Edition; february 2009 / Title: Pelago /Written by Judith Berman.
* Edition; january 2006 / Title: Lord wearys empire / Written by Michael Swanwick.